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Technix Fix
Technix FixPlay as an antivirus. Battle invalid data, corrupt files, hackers and more

Full Program NameRelease DateLinkDownloads
Technix Fix v0.1 08/03/10 773
Note: All remarks stated are refering to latest version

Simple game built using the Microsoft XNA Game Studio.
You PLAY AS a computer anti-virus program whos mission is to protect your host computer from virus', hackers, and fragmented files.


This program does not install or remove and software nor does it defragment or delete files from your computer.


Move: WASD
Firewall: Spacebar
Toggle Fullscreen: F12
Toggle Rotation: F11
Aim: Mouse
Fix: Left Click
Delete: Right Click

Known Issues:

The 3D background can make you sick to your stomach, you can toggle the rotation with F11.