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EZ Encryptor
EZ EncryptorPassword Encrypts messages or files with variable bit range

Full Program NameRelease DateLinkDownloads
EZ Encryptor v0.2 08/05/10 870
EZ Encryptor v0.1 08/03/10 578
Note: All remarks stated are refering to latest version

Encrypts text and files using a secret password. If Encrypting text, encryption will be limited to visible characters in that it the program is not using the full range of 0-255 as instead a range of english characters are used. File encrption uses full bit range.


This is not for encrypting important information. Decryption is actually encrypting backwards, so if you want, you can first decrypt to jumble the message and then encrypt to unjumble the message.

Recent Fixes:

Dynamic password length. Passwords have to be exact to decrypt correctly. Edit menu fixed. File encryption extension changed to '_E'

Possible Improvements:

Better encryption algorithms.